Take a look inside our innovations

We are building a new concept of ‘preventive health care’. That is to move health care from curative medicines (treatment) to preventive supplements (prevention). Operating on the “Farm to Food Pill” system has led to an immediate realization on the metrics commonly used to measure success in quality and trust.

When it comes to food pills and meals, we know that some people prefer to use natural ingredients, so we are innovating to provide more products with elements that are naturally sourced and organic. While natural product ingredients may be appealing, we also have to confirm they are nutritive to use in our products. Being natural alone doesn’t translate to being “nutritional”—even water and sunshine have safety limits. The reality is that the sustainable features of any product ingredient depend on the use, context, and energy consumption—in creating or harvesting it, as well as making or using it. Ultimately, we seek to source the best nutrients for our products so that you can use them with confidence. And we’re also doing the legwork to ensure we use the most sustainable and earth-friendly solutions.